Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Spelunking course for CAS experience?!

More info: Spelunking

Climbing as CAS experience

Have you ever though about climbing? It could be a great CAS experience!

You can start a course in Bologna! Here more info: Climbing

CAS and Scuba Diving

Have you ever though about Scuba diving? It could be a great CAS experience! In Bologna the new courses are in November!

Here more info: Bologna Scuba Diving

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

1st CAS Interview

Dear Grade 11:

Here some ideas for the 1st interview with your advisor:

Since it is done at the beginning of the CAS program you can discuss with your advisor about:

1. Your profile
2. What CAS experiences do you have in mind? and Why and What did you choose it for?
3. Personal goals
4. Are these experiences a challenge for you? Why?
5. What strands are included in the experiences?
6. How do you think to keep records of your projects? (Portfolio)

PS. On the audio a briefly explanation:) 1st interview guide

The Earth and Sky museum

Have you ever been at the  Bologna Planetarium? They make interesting things there!

Updating my portfolio

Dear students,

Just an important clarification: It is very important to keep an archive of your process so, everytime you meet your advisor please, include a note on managebac summarizing the ideas you discuss with him/her. It doesn't need to be too long, it can be one line or some bullet points.
You can choose even if to write or if to upload an audio file!